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Body and Image Space

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The last decade has seen renewed interest among philosophers and theorists in the writings of Walter Benjamin.

In body- and image-space Sigrid Weigel, one of Germany’s leading feminist theorists and a renowned commentator on the work of Walter Benjamin, argues that the reception of this work has so far overlooked a crucial aspect of this thought – this use of images.

Weigel shows that it is precisely his practice of thinking in images that holds the key to understanding he full complexity, richness and topicality of Benjamin,s theory.


Politics of images and body
1. Benjamin,s world of universal and integral actualiry
2. Body-and image-space: traces through Benjamin,s
3. Communicating tubes: Michel Foucault and walter Benjamin
4. Thought-images: A re-reading of the angel of history

Other- gender – readings
5. Towards a female dialectic of enlightenment: Julia Kristeva an Walter Benjamin
6. From images to dialectical images: The significance of gender difference in Benjamin,s writings
7. The ‘other, in allegory: A prehistory of the allegory of modernity in the Baroque

Memory and writing
8. From topography to writing: Benjamin,s concept of memory
9. The reading that takes the place of translation: the psychoanalytical reformulation of the theory of language magic
10. Readability: Benjamin,s place in contemporary theoretical approaches to pictorial and corporeal memory
11. Non-philosophical amazement – writing in amazement: Benjamin,s position in the aftermath of the holocaust
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