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The Secrets Behind the Development Program for Pep Guardiola's Methodology

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This book provides you with a rare opportunity to learn the secrets behind the development program at Manchester City’s Academy for Pep Guardiola’s Methodology and game model.

In this book you can:

  • Learn the Manchester City Academy Development Program and Methodology.
  • Implement Manchester City’s key actions and patterns to develop players capable of playing for a Pep Guardiola team.
  • Practice and apply Manchester City Academy’s exact game principles and training methods from Darren’s training sessions, which never change.
  • Learn how Manchester City produce their highly successful, dominant, and consistent style of play with 17 Manchester City Academy Training Sessions (68 Practices).

The Development Program, Methodology, and the 17 Training Sessions (68 Practices) included in this book are all taken directly from Darren Bowman’s Manchester City Academy training sessions.

Manchester City Academy Practice Examples:

  • Break Past Opponent and Play Final Pass in a Technical Triangle Drill with Finish
  • Play Inside and Outside to Break the Line in a 3v3 (+2) Directional Possession Game
  • Game Related Position Specific Attacking Overloads in a Functional Practice with Channels
  • Pressing from the Front to “Set the Trap” in a Dynamic 6v8 (+GK) Phase of Play
  • Break Lines and Create Attacking Overloads in a Position Specific 7v7 (+GKs) 2-Zone SSG
  • Pressing from the Front & Defending Through the Thirds in a Multi-Zone End to End Game

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